Few small business websites are hosted on the business’s own servers. All of that equipment is expensive and hiring staff to keep the website up and running wouldn’t make economic sense. Deciding to host the website on someone else’s server and letting them maintain it is an easy decision.

The hard decision is deciding which hosting company to choose. To a non-techie, the ads appear pretty much alike and the costs are not prohibitive. What factors should be considered when choosing a web host?

Why the Choice of Web Host is Important

Choosing the best web host is exactly as important as your website. If your business is internet-only, your website IS your business.

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How many potential sales will be lost when the server is down? It may not be just one sale that is lost, but many. Someone who is searching for a legal or accounting service, for example, could represent a substantial source of revenue that is now being lost to a competitor whose site was up.


The company must be experienced with hosting. Lack of hosting experience will result in lost revenue and downtime will downgrade a company’s SEO ranking.


The hosting company MUST provide excellent security and daily disaster recovery backups.

The Hardware and Backbone

Ask about the hardware that the web host is using. Some companies use new, high quality servers; others don’t. Enough said.

Phone Help Desk and Email Support

Not all host companies have phone help desks or email support. They might say that it’s not necessary, but this will become very important when there’s a problem and no one to talk to.

Room to Grow

The cheapest hosting solutions are not designed for a business. Anyone who works hard at building their business is planning on growth; their web hosting company must be prepared for that. Ask anyone who has had to switch web hosts about how much of a hassle the move can be.

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